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Sandy Jones carpet 

May 2019

The stark delinations of a pair of 1980s Finnish screen hold together an arrangement of sleek black furniture in the foreground. Though many elements are combined in the group, the dark palette introduces a coherence and uniformity that keeps the mood stylishly austere. A stripped-back, striped effect fuses the screen with the Serge Mouille ‘Totem’ floor lamp, which balances the group through its stronger lines and off-centre placement. 


The 1965 Verner Panton chairs with their dynamic flowing shape, bookend the softer sweep of ridges that surrounds the cotton reel coffee table.

Grounding the group, Sandy Jones’s carpet echoes these hazy forms with the soft edges of its own pale imprints and absorbs the light source with the thick matte expanse of its wool pile surface. In every instance it is the conveyer of both energy and order. 

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