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A 1955 Twin-Arm Italian wall light

September 2019

A 1950s Arredoluce light rises weightlessly from the walls. One slender arm cradles a bright bulb in perforated metal, and beams it onto a cuved, burnt yellow lampshade attached to the other. The shade captures and diffuses the light, casting a warm glow over 'Hollywood Grape' by Neisha Crosland behind. Yet, as it hovers before us, we find it is an elegant, conical structure to be admired in its own right. 

Where a light is typically an inconspicuous entity, the Arredoluce is a sculptural object that extends into our space. The stylised grapevines that slink and spill across the work are echoed in the long, sloping length of the lamp. Her abstraction of naturally occurring forms into sleek, silhouettes is itself informed by the clean lines and simple shades that originated in mid century furniture design. In this way, the pairing hints at an existing dialogue by which one object feeds into the other. 

Arredoluce was a lighting manufacturer founded in Italy be Angelo Lelli after the Second World War. Lelli worked with some of the most eminent designers of his time, including Ettore Sottsass, Pier Giacomo and Achille Castiglioni. This light is believed to be by Lelli. 

The Afridi Gallery will be holding a selling exhibition of original Artworks by Neisha Crosland in October 2019  

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